About Us

With our knowledge in advanced manufacturing, we collaborate with traditional knifemakers to produce the best knives on the market

At Pandayan Kitchen Knives, we craft high-quality kitchen knives for both professional chefs and everyday cooks. We believe that a well-made, premium tool can transform your kitchen experience. Our knives are inspired by our heritage, reflecting both functionality and timeless design elements to create contemporary yet enduring kitchen essentials.

Founded in 2002, Pandayan Blades began in Manila through collaborations with traditional balisong makers from Balisong, Batangas.  By 2005, we were participating in knife shows across Europe, earning recognition and winning awards, including the Best Tactical Knife at the Paris SICAC knife show. Our work has been featured in numerous knife publications in Europe and the United States.

In 2011, Pandayan ceased operations as our founder moved overseas. During this period, he expanded his manufacturing knowledge and built a network with other knifemakers and suppliers.

This year, we have revived Pandayan, bringing with us the enhanced skills and knowledge gained over the years. We are excited to continue our legacy of excellence in knife making.